General information about the VAST 4 template

You can find information about the current version of the VAST template (including the functions implemented in it) on the IAB website . We recommend that you upgrade to the latest version to enjoy all available features.The absence of a system carries certain risks, and after solving problems with supplies, car plants will be obliged to install it additionally. However, experts note that it will be difficult to control the process.

Currently, Ad Manager supports VAST templates version 4.2 or earlier, but does not support all the features available in them. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the information about which functions can be used when working with different versions of the IMA SDK .

Ad Manager video and audio line items can request creative items using the VAST template. It also allows you to generate impression reports for those line items. #vast #videoandaudio

A master file is a high-quality video file that is used to create different versions of a creative that are optimized for different devices and formats. Video creative objects hosted in Ad Manager are automatically assigned as the main file when added to Ad Manager, while objects located on external resources are assigned only when a linear video creative is created.

Before switching all network traffic to VAST 4, make sure your players can handle VAST 4 XML responses. If your player does not use IMA 3, contact its developer. If the player uses the IMA SDK , the output parameter in the video ad request will always have a value of output=xml_vast4. This won't cause any problems when processing ads, as the IMA SDK is compatible with all versions of VAST that any third-party ad server can use. The SDK for HTML5, iOS, and Android now includes an ad ID and a registry. For more information on VAST support for various players, see the Google Interactive Media Ads developer documentation .

This feature is currently in beta and may not be available on your network.

You can manage the upgrade of VAST to version 4 and control which version of VAST is requested in your ad tags. This lets you know which features work with which inventory. For VAST version information, add the appropriate parameter when generating the Video Ad Solutions report .